Sunday, September 11, 2011

Theeye Theeya - Chappa kurish

Theeye Theeye nenjin theeye...aaluna-thenthe
Eeran katin novin eenam..... muluna-thenthe

Vanam mele nirayum pookkal... pozhiyunuvo
Theeram thedum thirayayi varumo mozhiyunuvo

Kadha ethenariyathe njan puthu chayam kootukayo vesham marukayo

Njan ene kanatheyum e maya kazhchakalil kanakanuvukalil

Ararane.............. njano neeyo ararane
Ararane.............. njano neeyo ararane

Kaliyenthenariyathe njan e swapnam meyukayo doore payukayo
manamenthenariyathe njan e mawnam thedukayo novayi perukayo

Ararane.............. njano neeyo ararane
Ararane.............. njano neeyo ararane

Thanthina thanthinararo arararo thantheena thantheena thantheenoo aranarararo
Thanthira thanthinano aranaro aranaro

Thanthena thano arararano

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

neeyam thanalinu lyrics - Cocktail.

Neeyam thanalinu thazhe, njan eni aliyam kanavukalal
Nin sneha mazhayude chottil, njan eni nanayam ninavukalal.

Kangalal manasin mozhikal swanthamaki namal, neela jalakam nee thuranna neram.
Pakaram hridayamaduram pranayardramam.....
(Neeyam thanalinu thazhe..)

Kattu padum a pheri raagam modhamayi thalodiyo, neratha sandhya meghangal ninte nerukayil charthi sindhooram.
Niramolum nenjil oru thudi thalam thanjum neram tharum poovum theduvatharo thara
Ennalum namonnayi kanum ponvanam charathaneram kootayi kanum ninchiriyum.
(Neeyam thanalinu thazhe...)
Kootu thedum thuvanatheeram, meetidum-azhakam swanam
Sharathkala vaanam, charthi vannu nertha manjin vencharam.
Kanivorum manil oru thrinalam kayithirinalam njanum neeyum cherum neram nirapoothorunalayi.
Enalum namonnayi padavukalerumbol, doore thelivanam neruunnu nanmakaloliyale
(Neeyam thanalinu thazhe...)

Monday, July 5, 2010


We live in a complex world whr life is full of choices. The toothbrush we use to the food we eat, our footwear everything has a number of choices.. often i stand in a supermarket confused as to which brand i wanna get.. tht's al abt d choice we hav of material stuff.
whn v move onto our intellectual or mental level ter r even more choices.. presently in life we hav to make decisions for each and every single little thing.. Our Choices n decision makin jus extends from our career to even water we drink..
i often feel tht im at a crossroad wonderin which direction to tak n wil tht direction chang my life upsid dwn.. is ter a complete solution for tis or a map to lead me tru.. wel unfortunatly lifes not tht easy ters no perfect choice for our life it either has to b tis or tht n both will hav its own ups n dwns, positives n negatives. so v jus hav to trust our insticnts and decide n keep our fingers crossed n hop for d best n if u believe in God PRAY to d ALMIGHTY.. things will turn out betta than we expected..

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Aren't we all pretending each day??? atlst i knw i pretend at times.. i pretend im someone whom im not... we play diffrnt roles in life and we pretend to b wut people expect from us. Hiding our real self behind some mask of expectation from our society. Most of the time we pretend to be nice to sumone we are not, pretend to b happy whn we are not, pretend to be sad whn we are happy, d list jus goes on n on... we are scared to shwcas whom we realy are.. who am i scared off?? who are u scared off??? wht satisfaction will v get out f all these pretending.. well wht i realized is NOTHIN!!! ultimatly i endup feelin more terribl n unhappy, My pretendin is not realy doin the gud i intented it to.. I realize its tim tht i move out of the pretending phase and start showing my trueself..n mayb u shld also giv it a thought..............

Friday, June 18, 2010

im jus gettin strtd. wil tak sum tim...