Monday, July 5, 2010


We live in a complex world whr life is full of choices. The toothbrush we use to the food we eat, our footwear everything has a number of choices.. often i stand in a supermarket confused as to which brand i wanna get.. tht's al abt d choice we hav of material stuff.
whn v move onto our intellectual or mental level ter r even more choices.. presently in life we hav to make decisions for each and every single little thing.. Our Choices n decision makin jus extends from our career to even water we drink..
i often feel tht im at a crossroad wonderin which direction to tak n wil tht direction chang my life upsid dwn.. is ter a complete solution for tis or a map to lead me tru.. wel unfortunatly lifes not tht easy ters no perfect choice for our life it either has to b tis or tht n both will hav its own ups n dwns, positives n negatives. so v jus hav to trust our insticnts and decide n keep our fingers crossed n hop for d best n if u believe in God PRAY to d ALMIGHTY.. things will turn out betta than we expected..